John May

District Youth Director

John May began his ministry as a Youth Pastor at Culpeper A/G in Culpeper, VA. Immediately following his time at Culpeper John was chosen as one of the first Youth Alive Missionaries where he served the schools of the Potomac District for six years. John is currently serving as the Potomac District Youth Director. He is happily married to Denise and has two wonderful children, Reagan and Ryder.

More About John

Dream Vacation- Trip to Italy or Caymen Islands
Starbucks Regular- Non- fat white chocolate mocha or black ice tea with 2 sweet n low
My Favorite…. thing is relaxing on the beach with my family.


Peeves are? Being late and obnoxious talkers in a restaurant


In my Spare time I like to? Watch a Good movie


Something that most people don’t know about me? I like to camp


When was I saved? I was saved at 9 years old on my way to kids camp


People who inspire me? My wife, certain friends


My favorite scripture? Jeremiah 29:11


Life Changing event that happened? The birth of my kids changed everything.

Ben Engle

Assistant District Youth Director

Ben Engle currently serves as the Assistant District Youth Director. Before coming to the District Office he served as the Youth Pastor at Victory Church in Winchester, VA. for three years. Ben also served as a Youth Pastor at Central Assembly in Springfield MO and Abundant Life Community Church in Newburgh IN. He is a graduate of Central Bible College. He is married to the love of his life, Lisa, and is a proud father of his two daughters, Olivia and Maci.

More About Ben

Dream Vacation- Taking my wife to Italy and spending 3-4 weeks.
Starbucks Regular- I’m to young to drink coffee, but I’ll take there Strawberry Lemonade Refresher any day!
My Favorite…. snack of all time is Chips and Cheese Dip.


Peeves are? When people can’t set up straight rows of chairs for a youth service. (Setting up chairs for youth service for 15+ years).


In my Spare time I like to? Spend time with my wife and kids, and play around with graphics.


Something that most people don’t know about me? When I was in 8th grade I ran the 800m in track. I was supposded to run in the state championship meet for the 800m. 3 days before the meet I was mowing my neighbors lawn with her old lawn mower. As I pushed the mower up the hill the left handle of the lawn mower broke. As I was walking the mower came up off the ground and my foot went under the mower and the blade fileted my big toe open. Needless to say I didn’t run the 800m at the State Championships. 🙁


When was I saved? When I was 8 years old I remember going to the altar at Church on a Sunday night with my Dad and asked Christ into my heart.


People who inspire me? Growing up it was Michael Jordan. I ate, breathed, slept basketball. By the way, Who is Lebron? Greatest basketball player ever: Michael Jordan!!
As a youth pastor: Blaine Bartel and 180 Student Ministries inspired me to dream bigger of what God could do in my local youth ministry.
My parents: They are my hero’s! They have always inspired me to do my very best, and have been an incredible model to pattern my life after.


My favorite scripture? Psalms 34:6 – This poor man called out to the Lord, and the Lord heard his cries and answered him.


Life Changing event that happened? In 2007 my wife Lisa and oldest daughter Olivia were in a serious car accident. I was following in my car and saw the whole thing take place. My wife broke her foot and her rib. Olivia fractured the front of her skull and bruised her inner thalamus. She was in a comma for 2 days When she came out she had left-side neglect where your brain forgets to tell your body how to work. The doctors said she would always have problems in school, and could never participate in physical acitivity that she could hit her head. But God healed her. Within a few month, she made a full recovery. All restrictions have been lifted off of her. She is an incredible soccer player and had been a cheerleader. God has been good to my family!

Arin Nicholson

Potomac District Youth Alive Director

Arin is a Florida boy and graduate of Southeastern University where he met his wife Shauna Nicholson. He began his ministry in Chestertown Maryland at Hope Fellowship Church as the Student Ministries Pastor. Currently he is serving as the Youth Alive Missionary for the Potomac District and enjoying the married life with Shauna and their dog Nala.

More About Arin

Dream Vacation-  My dream vacation would be to take a month long trip with Shauna to see the United Kingdom: Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales. Flying first class is also on my bucket list so if I could fit that in the dream trip I think that would make it perfect.


Starbucks Regular- I don’t do coffee so I’ll take a hot chocolate in the winter and strawberry acai refresher in the summer.


My Favorite…. go to food is chicken wings


Peeves are? : I hate when people make a lot of noise while they eat, but people using their phone at the dinner table is up there too.


In my Spare time I like to play golf. All sports are good but golf is my favorite to play


Something that most people don’t know about me?  I like musicals


When was I saved?  I was three years old when I decided that I wanted to love Jesus, was 17 when I realized that meant my life would be dedicated to him completely


My favorite scripture? Philippians 2:3-4 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”


Life Changing event that happened? Getting married to Shauna Nicholson 10.11.14

Meaghan Luis

Administrative Assistant

Meaghan Luis serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Potomac Youth Network under District Youth Director, John May. She is a graduate of Ground Zero Masters Commission and has been working in Youth Ministry and Girls Discipleship since 2007. Meaghan and her husband Mike have been happily married since May 2013. Currently they are serving as the Youth Pastors at Abundant Life church in Stephens City, VA. Meaghan and Mike just welcomed their first child, David, in February 2016.

More About Meaghan

Dream Vacation- I have already experienced it! My husband is Hawaiian, so anytime we make the trip to Hawaii to visit his family and the Islands, it is a dream vacation :).
Starbucks Regular- That depends on how much sleep I got the night before! Usually it is a Caramel Latte or Caramel Macchiato.
My Favorite…. Food to eat is anything my Husband cooks! He is pretty much the best cook EVER.


Peeves are? Whining!


In my Spare time I like to? Spend time with my husband, our son, David and our dog, Rudy.


Something that most people don’t know about me? I hate feet!


When was I saved? When I was a child I asked Christ to live in my heart, but when I was 14 I truly made my faith my own and committed my life to God.


People who inspire me? My husband and my parents.


My favorite scripture? 1 Corinthians 2:5 “So that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s Power”.


Life Changing event that happened? Becoming a mom, Feb 6, 2016.